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1. A Graceful Light

Before the dawn; There was no understanding; No thoughts were formed; Through ashes and pressure; We found our hidden hearts; Our view on pain and pleasure; Was careless, but nonetheless; The crown of...

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2. A Hollow Impression

A Hollow Impression; Hollow - Hollow; Exposed in causality; Path unclear; Distorted reality; Wrapped in fear; Bypass my sanity; For the sake of myself; What can you feel in it; Is it real; Can you dre...

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3. Antagonist

Antagonist; Without compassion; Without sincere regrets; We crave; In long and longer days of repent; The curtain is down; Only hate remains; Day by day we struggle in hollow; Never wanted - Another t...

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4. Awaiting Deception

Awaiting Deception; ; Reenacting the sequence; Dissolving the past; Selecting images; And erasing them from my chest; Wrong sign can cast a straight line; Wrong time can last a lifetime; We are second...

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5. Built To Last

Are we prepared to go? Where the fire burns; A place we can face ourselves; Open the gates; To deliverance; Why should we try? We are insignificant; No, no this time; Not this time; Lead me with your ...

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6. Fear The Fear

From the beginning; Until the end; Unanswered questions; Relapse again; Battle of reason; Death of free will; When senses betray; Hold tight and persevere; Fear the fear; The sky becomes clear; There ...

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7. Inject Me Now

Inject Me Now; This is the other-side of yourself; The one you want cease to exist; The hatred - The lies - With anger multiplied; Creature - You have to see it to believe it; Concept of treason; Sell...

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8. Nonexistant

Nonexistant; ; We will never; This is the time - To relive the illusion; This is the step you've taken and don't really know; The last chance to realize nightmare; Cause life goes always the wrong way...

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9. Of Adversity

Beneath the cold inlay; Distant and named; This skin is shed but thin; Where to start, where to begin; Four eyes cannot see the same; Just say those words that hurt; In myself; I've found the strength...

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10. The Angst Zeit

The Angst Zeit; Who is to blame - When you figure out nothing; Who is to blame - When you realize what you become; Own cancer - Arch nemesis; Strip down your skin and your flesh; Avoid the policy - In...

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11. The Mannequin March

The Mannequin March; An opponent within; Can't tell the state I am in; Paralyzed my sense to feel connected; Now it's out of control; Keep begging for more; How much can you take; From already blurred...

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12. The Sky Is Always Open

We find obstructions in the road - Up ahead; Some of us will have to see it; Others know what is going on; Vast differences created; In modern blockage of the mind; Visions colorated; Emptiness is the...

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13. Through Hardships

For one last time; Before I go away; Hold still; Don't be afraid; Take this part of me; Breathe; Ease your pain; We can work it out; Just remember this; We find our strength through hardships; Otherwi...

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14. Towards Tedious Nightmare

Towards Tedious Nightmare; Still we ride; Still we ride; (With no meaning, we grow cold); Wasted days - Beyond recognition; In the times of the fall; Long steps towards second beginning; If the goal -...

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15. We Are The Last

We Are The Last; Farewell the world of misery; Paralyzed earth and sky above; Sensation to another perception; The need for another injection in self; Hail nothing; Inhale everything; Self dominance; ...

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