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1. Are Solar

Swim in my blood, Poison my veins, Break me down, Leave nothing unchanged. ; Never gonna slip from this kung fu grip; Just when I think I got a tight hold; Something inside gonna bury me alive; Face d...

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2. Crazy Sheila

Sad day for Sheila; With her jellyfish smile; Contemplating all the choices she made; I have to admit; When she decided she would leave; You couldn't wipe the smile off of my face; She finally found; ...

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3. Fearless

[Verse 1]; A little too late is just a little too long; Everything after means nothing at all; You waited too long to tell me, you never really knew me at all. There is a way here on my own; ; [Chorus...

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4. For The Boy

The thought of getting older; And regretting things that I have done; Only one thing made me notice; How I failed to keep my precious one; And though I know that; You are with me always; It still make...

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5. I Will Always Be Your Fool

I believe; Every word you've ever spoken; Lie to me; With every promise you have broken; Just know that I will always be; always be your fool! I have always been; Always been your fool; I will always ...

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6. Me, Myself And I

Me myself and I; For just a moment; We were alive; But we were living lies; We'd been misfortuned; By out minds; If all we ever know; Is being nothing; Deep down inside; We'll just walk away; And I'm ...

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7. So Many People

Everything under the sun going to hell in an episode of SNL; Busted on the TV you ugly girl you cannot sing can't even lip sync; Apparently money can even buy you dignity; Everyone will forget in a co...

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8. So Now You Know

Outside my home; I'm looking hard; For a higher road to take; Handful of stones; I wonder how; How could my windows break? I'll never know; The hurt I cause; Or see things through your eyes; Happiness...

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9. Until I Die

I know I planted flowers; But look around at all my weeds; I don't play well with others; The thought occurred it might be me; I'm so bitter I can taste it (taste it); I'm not allowed to leave; But I'...

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