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1. Chaos

Look around you; There's only deaths and destruction; And no salvation; Only way is to kill without hesitation; Don't trust anyone; Everybody wanna spread your blood; And burn you; To eat your flesh a...

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2. Collapse of the world

In this world of lies the society comes to an end; Now at war for survival nobody has friends; People kill each other for their food; Stay awake or you gonna explode; No cities, no contries, no states...

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3. Futuro Manchado

Quando faltar comida; E apenas os ricos encherem a barriga; Não vai ter mais volta; Não vai adiantar, vai ser tarde pra revolta; Quando faltar água; E cada copo for motivo de batalha; Não vai ter mais...

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4. Insane


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5. Intro


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6. Maniax

Terrorising everyplace where we go; If you want peace, there is no hope; Spreading the blood and the fire; The madness is what inspire us; Our fun is to see your blood; Gushing like a source; Insanity...

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7. Neuro Attack

Insanity is all I see; The "walls of death" are making you bleed; Now hit all who are around you; Moshpits endless; Banging head tirelessly; Total destruction; Bring us satisfaction; There will be blo...

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8. Psychopath

I look at you and smile; But I want to see you die; Manking all your body bleed; Your pain is all I need; Try to defeat me, I'm waiting for you; Bring all your friends; I'll kick their ass too; I don'...

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9. The Real Government

They fill their pockets with your money; And act as if they are healping you; Increasing their masions as fuck your future; Watcha gonna do? You pay the higgest taxes; And they say that's good for you...

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10. Thrash Returns

Stronger than diamond; Inspired and violent; The thrash returns; Equipped with guitars; Long hairs and vests; The thrash maniax shed blood without remorse; The thrash metal was never dead; Feel the d-...

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