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1. 1$/day

Wake up with an empty stomach; Days and years of the same; Morning sun in the west; Is always shining bright; Humiliating jobs; Writhing in distress; Take off your glasses now; Let your eyes see and k...

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2. Against The Shades

Beating killing; The enemy you've chosen to hate; Inciting - leading; To fight against the shades; March to your petty-minded gods; March to the land of animosity; March to get the glory of cruelty; M...

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3. Brand New Form Of State

Outbid the other liars; Set up as leader of nation; Playing with democracy; Ruling over a flock of sheep; Expel them and let's devise a; Brand-new form of state.

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4. Bunkum!

Hunger for reputation; At whatever price; Just do your own; Worthless achievment; Only the fools will care; Use every effort; To win your own; 15-minute; Burst of applause; Your life-work; Is just ano...

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5. Crisis

Eyes without the bright of knowledge inside; Mankind gives birth to only zombies; Animated by the Great Power of senses; Glittering screens, violence and blood; Perverted sex, fashion and slogans; Ide...

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6. Decision Upon Compulsion

In front of you the yawning chasm; What is needed just your courage; Falling down or one step back; Betray now or lie till death; Time is shorter then ever before; The choice is yours lie or fall; Dec...

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7. Europhobia

We're attached to this land; This culture, this nation; And a lot more; Chosen far above our heads; Promises of better life at all costs; Working for multicorporations as their slaves; Accepting their...

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8. False Pretence

Grown up anyone may choose; Own sexual interest; Nobody is disturbed by; The homosexuals if; Their joy kept in their bedrooms; I'm fed up with their claims; Though they chose their own way; Who the fu...

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9. I Am The Family Man

Watching the tv; Listening the news; I'm hearing so much; Trouble around; One half of my heart; Would go there to help; But the other half; Always stops me; My aim in life; To love my wife; Poverty an...

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10. Ignorant Indifference

High tech miles from the target; Commands through radio links; Nothing else that matters; Just to cause casualties; War-lords of the great powers; Are always seekings for; The recent and more dreadful...

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11. Juggernaut

How could we call us; Free and open minded; While we let others; Dominate our life; Selfish potentates; Force us into actions; Which contrary to; Our wills and desires; Daily horror; Mental terror; Th...

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12. Necessary Counter - Move

Believe me; There's no joy for me; It's just punishment; You have to bear to understand; What you did with those kids; Fuck off the human rights; Rape all the pedophiles! Just once imagine; Your kid's...

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13. Take The Gun!

Victims in the night tortured and raped; The police force is powerless; Ridiculous judgements; After the crime who would care; Of the so much asserted human rights; It's always too late to; Notice one...

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14. The Dj Is Dead

11 pm; Rage in my head; Blood on my hand; The DJ is dead; 11pm; The show is over; No one is dancing; The DJ is dead.

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15. We All Shall Protest

We're wallowing in the slough of civilization; Do not note certain disquieting situation; Just our own pleasure which motivates our acts; But nobody is able to modify the facts of our past; We all sha...

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