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1. Behind The Wire

Behind the wire; My eyes stare cold; They give me a number; And I am told; To obey their way; Understand; My will is my own need; I’m not pretending no; I am man; I am the flesh and blood; And I want ...

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2. Building Towers

I look at the world today; To find myself; And I look at the world again; To see myself; Nothings like it was; Their building towers; Where I used to play; Everything has changed; All that I remember;...

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3. If Not Myself

Did I reach a bit too far? Have I gone the wrong way? Should I be here in this place? Is there an answer eluding me; Something that I’ve failed to see; Some kind of dark conspiracy; That you kept from...

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4. Just Pretend

Can you hear me? Do you see me? When you look into my eyes; And can you tell me; What’s going on? Inside my head; Sometimes the words i speak; Don’t always sound the way that i intended; And some time...

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5. Nothing

Do you believe in salvation; I do; Don’t look at me this way; And imagine what could have been; Don’t look at me now; And tell me you’re sorry for me; Just save your tears; I don’t need them anymore; ...

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6. Room 23

I can’t move; Cannot speak; I can’t breathe the air; I can’t feel; Cannot touch; I can’t reach outside the square; The place I’m looking for; Lye’s behind the door; In room twenty three; I can’t wake;...

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7. The Road To Nowhere

other broken sleep; As my mind replays parts of my dream; And as I recall the rain begins to fall; And I hear the sound of your voice calling; You speak my name; I am the one to blame; What have I bec...

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8. The Waking Mind

The wheel grinds its monotony; I watch it turn and my mind wakes; Just another perfect day; In this world of grey; As the years pass; My mind brakes; In time we learn; To be a part of the system; In t...

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9. Wise Men & Wise Fools

Seek my friend and you will find; Swimming somewhere in your mind; Your head is like a sea of thought; A wayward ship that’s lost its course; Soon you'll run aground; Lost and hoping to be found; Hopi...

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