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1. A Matter Of Time

I watch the water sparkle; moire' rainbows of liquid light; crystal fountains rush to the sea; eagerly; little trout are swimming about my feet; beneath the summer skies; gathering the waters, the cyc...

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2. Beginnings

- Verse one -; Through the mud, maggots call my name; Mother earth is speaking' to me; No last rites, unholy burial; And now there's nothing' stopping' these voices; Through the ashes comes the whispe...

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3. Enemy At The Gates

- Verse one -; Vers1; The battle has begun; Into a place of fields; You're watching the soldiers; As they're running for the fight; - Pre Chorus -; You will see an end; Filled with pain; - Chorus -; E...

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4. Falling Into The Shadows

- Verse one -; With my fear of imagination; Believing in everything that I see; I don't know what to do; It's a struggle inside my mind; Lots of illusions; Everywhere I go; - Pre Chorus -; Take me awa...

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5. Hollow Minds

- Verse one -; Awaken, can´t remember my self; I´m too blind to see, have lost it all; My dreams have faded away; Long gone, I´m now back, what´s the sense of this; My hope is gone, my life is done; W...

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6. Isle Of Man

a rugged shoreline surrounds an isle; lost in time within the water's grip; a castle stands; the walls stained with salt and time; its view beholds the land below; life's entwined; my land stands betw...

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7. Maybe If They Burn Me

intimidation, it's been there all along; and no friend worth my trust; I'm gonna fight, no one crosses my way; (what's that sound?) a rat creeps softly; I'm gonna fight; maybe if they burn me, they'll...

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8. Sargasso

Part I; revived in the following half-light; I was saved by the bouyant casks; afloating we were the barrels and I; among the monsterous tangles of vegetable appendages; I noticed the ship ahead aways...

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9. Sleep

- Verse one -; The mighty warlock's face looks troubled; The last hope for mankind, extinct in a single blow; If only I hadn't been so easily fooled; Thought that lying man was filled with good intent...

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10. Son Of Sam

think of it as endless sleep; think of it as ecstasy; as the ecstasy of a selfish lust; at least that's the way it feels to me; I can feel the very pulse of life; setting like a throbbing August sun; ...

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11. Straight Into Infinity

sometimes I can see straight into infinity; sometimes I can feel the past dark cities; civilization deserves none of your pity; civilization deserves none of your pity; we have brought it upon ourselv...

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12. The Final Battle

- Verse one -; In the end, when there's no one to turn to; And all you have is your inner voice to rely on; You should've known better; Than trying to fool the forces of evil; Oh no, but you had to ma...

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13. Too Hard To Forget

it's there all the time, always in mind; can't sleep anymore at night; I can't get it straight, can't concentrate; try and forget; wound like a watch, tight as a spring; lately, always uptight; laying...

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14. War

- Vers one -; I'm running through fields; And feeling the force; The taste of blood is in my mouth; My teeth are red; And they'll tear your flesh away; Feel the strength of my sword; Here the sound of...

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