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1. Berserkergang

As the ancients whisper lore; Sup the flesh of demon spore; Through the crust of earth is found; Mind is lost, soul is bound; Turn to beast or become damned; Serpent fodder is the lamb; Frozen from th...

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2. Beyond Heaven, Beneath Hell

Forces beyond your control; Cremate the dust of your soul; Frozen astral wasteland of; Things your mind can not touch; Pulsing, pounding, Your heart explodes; As does your feeble mind; Possessor is up...

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3. Bloodmeal

Descending deeper than hell; The panic of my heartbeat; Echoes through the abyss; Unconscious spell; My lungs are filling fast; As I'm sinking; The blackness is complete; This nautical nightmare; By t...

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4. Evil Upheaval

Rise up from the ground; Destroy every sound; Tear apart their face; Leave naught in their place; Slice through the bone; Eviscerate the throne; Burn off the flesh; Rot no more; Raise the fallen; Evil...

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5. Galactic Cannibalism

Time, space, meaningless; Unknown life forms; Just beyond our grasp; Light years of storms; Swirling through aeons; Before the dawn of man; Black holes forming; Hopeless to make a stand; The time has ...

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6. Night Terrors

Night falls, full of terrors; Say your fucking prayers; Darkness encompassing light; Far beyond your power; To stop the evil from spreading; Dead hands clutch the bible; There is no survival; Run away...

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