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1. Alone Together

You and Me; We're alone together; We're alone forever; And I don't know where I could go; Here I lie; I lie dead; In a lie; At the bottom of the fertile sea; Do you see; Do you see, do I see; How it c...

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2. Asa Nisi Masa

Asa nisi masa (x8); Don't think that you can fool us; We know whether you're pretending to be; Asleep; So sleep my baby; Sleep well; Asa nisi masa (x8); In and out of trouble, I (x2); I have never met...

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3. Furious Bed

I sink down into my furious bed; I was shot in the eye; Or was all in my head; Leaving footprints in the shape of my name; A life in debt; Is that the name of this game? So bury me now; I'm going to r...

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4. God's Greatest Lover

God's greatest lover simply had enough; Spies in his soup; He couldn't touch that stuff; No he would never, never, never, never; Go there again; Well they gave him a medal, told him not to ring; Cause...

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5. Grand Palace Of Love

Come and take me kid; While I am hot; It's educational bijoux; That's right, just for me and for you; And now you eat me in chunks; You tea dip me in dunks; I am no good for your health; No who's your...

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6. Gravity

Babies crawling with their ears to the soil; Here there is wisdom close to the ground; Take my advice; Leave this town of oil; Gravity, Gravity, La, La, La; Please never let me down (repeat...)

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7. Instant Lady

I'm the one for me, you see; Slap slap slappin on my knee; Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh; I sit back relax and I destroy my body, I sit back relax and I destroy my body, Cause, I don't need nobody else; I've got ...

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8. Kid [sic]

Kids are kids and... Sick is Sick and; This is the story time...For KiD [SiC]; He was plotting his glow monkeys with his jellyfish; In Moderato, ma non troppo; And you were laughing at him; So what, s...

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9. Mel Gibson

Left, right, center beam; Awful lot of blood here, hard to keep it clean. When did he goes mad is when I wanted him to; That's him over there, puking under the pew. ; Well you made lots of money, Go b...

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10. Passion Plumbers

Friday Night and we're faking it; No dough but a realization we're it; We're talking love and civilization; 'cause we ain't got shit ya see; Concerning hope and currency; Our homes and currency; So we...

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11. Ratatat Heart

Wash my brains; And put them back in; Strap that backpack round my shoulders; Tuck those three little wires into my hat; And here I go; The remote control rat...a...tat; At your service; Through tight...

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12. Tryptych

(Part 1: Everything Here Will Die); Everything here will die; Including my maiden and child; And all of the fields; So far and wide; As far as you can see; Because I know what to do; I know where you ...

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