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1. Beyond The Earth and Universe

Outside of this globe; The cosmos shows the powerful force of darkness; In the darkest places of my mind; Visions of a darkened place appear again; A place of eternal majesty and loneliness; Where fal...

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2. Carnal Massacre

Prepare for a carnal devastation; My dick destroying your flesh; You will feel the blasphemy; Growing inside your body; When my pagan force; Penetrates you! Carnal massacre!!! (x2); Fucking in company...

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3. Darkened Era Has Arrived

The southern winds; Call the most cold and freezing sounds of nature; The voices of our ancestors show us their eternal; Torture and pain; It's time for darkness; To start a new kingdom of shadow and ...

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4. Legado Negro

Odio y desprecio a los cultores de la divinidad; Sacrilegio en actos de pura y blasfema maldad; Profanación y oscuridad es lo que voy a dejar; A las futuras generaciones que este mundo un día pisarán;...

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5. Under a Funeral Moon

On the day of my final sacrifice; The chilling steel open my veins; Blood staines my skin; Silver chalice must be filled; Drinking the poisoned blood; I enter my shadowed coffin; Two goathorns in my h...

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