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1. Burning 4 U

You smile, you're so young and delicious; But on the inside, so mean and vicious; What I've learned is nothing is what it seems to be; You know my weakness, the switches to turn; Now you use it to mak...

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2. Gonna Be

You thought you were so cool in your trendy clothes; It made you popular and happy I suppose; Oh so pretty face but not something to bow; You laughed at my dreams, but look who's laughing now; You nev...

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3. It's The Way

It's the way you sleep in my bed, it's the way you mix up my head. It's the way you make me smile, it's the way you make me cry. ; I have never felt this way before, please believe me I want nothing m...

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4. Let Me Go

You say you want me, you say you need me, but when I touch you you're like wet soap in my hands; And when we go out, you can't speak out loud, you're afraid someone might hear you call me dear. ; Does...

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5. Over You

I woke up in the morning thinking of you, I made some breakfast for myself; I tried to stumble thru the day without you, you keep on coming to my mind. ; But when you asked why I said I'm over you, bu...

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6. Set Me Free

I've always been the one to blame, you think I enjoy all the pain. And I tried to be good for all of you; but still you ask me to be who I don't want to be, still you ask me to be, someone else. I do ...

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7. Slimy

Wake up and I don't know where I am, make up all fucked up on my face, world is a crazy place, it's slimy, slimy, but I can't live without it. ; Kitchen, where's the kitchen, gotta find some coffee. T...

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8. Suffer

Sun comes shining thru the door, but you painted devils on my wall. Sometimes you're crazy, sometimes mad. Everytime you come you make me sad. ; Children playing outside, they're making a lot of noise...

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9. What If

When you're gone I feel an empty place inside of me, When you're gone I cry myself to sleep every night, When you're gone I hope that you will never forget me, and my love will be with you every step ...

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