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1. Memories

I can't deal with this; I've avoided it for so long; The target won't be missed this time; My aim is just too strong; I have to face my fears; And hope i somehow make it through; Without shedding any ...

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2. S.o.s

Just when I think I can't love you anymore, You make me love you less; I try to look over the bad things, But I must confess; Things would be easier if I could just block out the pain; Of loving you s...

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3. Things Will Get Better

Please just stay here one more night, I promise you that we won't fight; All the good things we've been through; I'm just plain lost when I'm without you. ; A month ago things were so great; A week ag...

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4. When Pigs Fly

Everyone is looking at you; Smile while you're drinking a few; Everybody knows your name; It must suck to get women and fame; You gotta learn to appreciate; All the love of the fans oh yeah it's great...

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