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1. ...Yet The Choirs Of Vendetta

Secret envy; Their statues; Lie; Shattered... ; Like crystal chains that bind the vain in myriad egos lost; A roaring mechanism; An engine of sorts; Pounding without; Rest; Burning; Fed with chaos; An...

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2. Bridges Too Frail

As giants; In a kaleidoscope; Without grace; And without sense; Trampling the rainbow; With angry feet; Burning like beacons; Deep in the dark; Screaming and shouting; At deities gone deaf; Clinging t...

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3. Comedy Of Gods

Void of dementia; Clarity, illusion; Illusion; Smiling faces; Murderous gazes; The stylish savoir-faire; Of a pompous assassin; In minds that rot away, in pacing decay; Sin, delightful and warm, wine ...

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4. Plastic Transcendence

Thorns that pierce; Contemplative stone; In neon light; Blood and mud; Heroes and fools; Drenched in regret; And shame; It's all dust; And random chance; Dust and chance! The locks that have no key; A...

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