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1. Control

I have seen my future, Not much there to see. Anger and betrayal, Like it used to be. ; I have lived my past, Joyful ain’t not the word. Agony and wounds, Like it always is. ; Have you seen my death? ...

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2. Death Manifesto

You shall feel my power. You shall taste my strength; When your souls are burning. I shall rule again; Upon my throne of hatred. I look down on my slaves; Little child of light; You will bleed again; ...

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3. Insomnia

I am your insomnia. I am your worst nightmare. I am your religion. I am fear, come drink my ambrosia. ; You are never sleeping. You are always dreaming. You pray to your master. I am pain, your last s...

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4. Intro/wounds

Leave my wounds open, ‘Cause I am not here to heal. Leave my veins pumping, ‘Cause I am not here to live. ; Cut my wounds bigger, ‘Cause pain is all I have. Don’t stop my blood from spilling, ‘Cause l...

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5. Mental Agression

In the realms of time, I can devastate your mind, Rape your fucking soul; And all that it beholds. ; In your mind I will find nothing, Nothing but joy. But when I’m done, The only thing you will feel ...

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6. N.c.o

Like a bliss, a kiss from the lips of the leper. Enter and ignite these walls of sense in me. Demon, Fever, Madness, Deceiver, Inject yourself into man and defeat her. ; The crystalline structure of a...

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7. No Repent

A storm circulates in my head. These thoughts of anger. Sleepless nights, demons call. The light makes me fall. ; My shadow is my only friend. Pain comes with me. Darkness is the only shade in my life...

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8. Pure Black Disease

How does it feel to be dead inside? How does it feel to have nothing but pain? Kneel to your lust and make it go away. ; I will show you the way! The only true way; So come here; And receive my gift. ...

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9. Thou Who Parts Flesh

Oh cutter of veins, Thou who parts flesh, Red are the roses you grow. Let me this night; Be the soil from which you nourish. ; Deliver into limbs; Your rhythmic slaughter. Tender is the wound, Shootin...

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10. Total Abuse

Long for death, kill your pain; Feed your flesh, cut it up; Mental relapse, total abuse; Burning skin, torture lust; Rip, cut, and open wide; Blood, flesh, from my veins; Lust of death in my mind; Ple...

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