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1. Ascension

An image of terror ascends from the deep, Millions of souls screaming in pain, Riding the winds to the lost kingdom. My eyes are blinded, my thoughts are twisted. Open the gates to your misery, The cl...

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2. Desert

This is the desert; That lives on my past life; The shadows embrace me; And nothing's left behind; The desert is my home, Leave all pain; Moonshine within; Desolation in my mind; I pray to the gods of...

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3. El Poder Tener

la verdad no se bien; si soñe si lo vi; lo vivi lo pense; o quizas conoci; un lugar al que fui; con afan de vivir; de saber distinguir; el dolor del amor; conocer el poder; la ambicion de tener; todo ...

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4. Red Suns

I walk through the deep fog, In search for a comdemned soul. The moon shines across my path, The lambs cries so far away. ; This mountains fall in my head, The leaves lay by my side. Red suns are my o...

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5. Roots Of Darkness

Roots of darkness; Opened in the night; Ashes of lost worlds; Lucking in the abyss; The counciouss mind is lost; I start to crawl; Discovering new beginnings; For the sins of the past; This is the for...

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6. Thristy Eyes

See the face of your fate, Meet the maker of pain; The horizons of a dream; Are covered with holy rage, Raise your head and cry for us, Give us the peace of innocence, Kiss the icons of deceit, Hope i...

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