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1. Elder Gods

We live and die since ancient times; Creating masters to ourselves; We drown in blood of our crimes; Decepted by the christian spells; Denying our pagan origins; We dwell in vain oblivion; False proph...

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2. Fallen Flames

It's because of the morning dusk; Spread about the veil of night; Broods that feeling in my breast; With the blood of the rising sun; Requiem for the fallen flames; Slowly dying in my hands; I almost ...

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3. Ode To Winter

Winter... your silent steps don't break; The fragile dream of nature; When you arrive to rule the earth; White mistress... With your precious hands; The bad of fallen autumn leaves; Is covered with so...

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4. The Rain

I found the dawn; On the top of the cliff; I swa the sun; Rising from the sea; Red burning skies; The birth of day; Calm water's shine; Like bloodred flame; Beginning of; The newborn day... In broodin...

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