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1. A Call To Arms

To all you distrustful creatures out in the night; I am calling you to arms; we're taking back our life; While the world is wrapped in noise, we must hear our hearts; 'Cause we are here to help oursel...

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2. Destined Ways

A late september day; And I buried the doubt; I let you in and my heart; My heart I locked out; Is there a will and way; Or is it all foregone? Can we control our fate; Or is it leading? It's been eig...

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3. Falling Water

A heartless cold is pouring down like rain; The sound of change swallowed your last words; We will never meet again; What will be, will be; The heartless waters fall; Falling down on me; The roses bur...

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4. Remote

The ruins of past on an island of violence; This place is captivating and odious at once; You can not stay away; You always go back to lay; Down on your shore that makes you feel secure; Do you think ...

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5. The Marvel Of Chimera

At the foot of a mountain; The top seems out of sight; Burn, I wanna burn inside; Where's the next wall I can raze? Try, try to erase a life; Equalized and fairly safe; This is my way; The marvel of c...

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