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1. A Gift To Remember

Once I had a gift to remember; Warm and glowing shard like the ember; Of a fire that won't expire; Sealed away and frozen in time; Like the love we tried to consign; In jealous hearts, torn and ripped...

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2. Better Angels

Dawning spring when vows were spoken; Summer flames are not meant to last that long; When daylight fades away; Make your mind up leave or stay; The door's tow open; Autumn paints the skies of twilight...

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3. Chasing The Night

No one looks twice at the runt of the litter; an evil cradling, a saviour embittered; the dark is stealing the light; fear let you in but your secret's not for sale; madman chasing the night; dead sou...

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4. Falling Star

Like a light, that fades; Receding down a highway; Like the last flicker in an old man's eyes; It's the cold touch; Of winter on your shoulder; You've gone too far; From the start; When the sunset; Br...

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5. Fierce Battalions

Take me to the place; where the fires are burning; ere you stood your ground; now your fates are turning; we make our enemies cower; a hungry lion that feasts on blood of men; we crush your pride and ...

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6. Heart Of The Sun

Come sell your soul; chase the crested wave; brave the siren's call; beyond all control; with no kings and no crosses; atrocities out of sight; sail at first light; stand and fight; rip through the ni...

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7. Highways To Nowhere

New flesh arise, so synchronised; their bodies spasm to the score; evangelise their weakened minds; I leave them hungry for more; I medicate, obliterate; and leave you drowning in my wake; your last m...

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8. Morning Star

The skies are bright with lightning; Confusion strikes the plain; The coming dawn is frightening; The choice is yours to make; Follow me, follow me blindly; The trick is not to see; I'll never let, yo...

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9. Rose in Bloom

Ooh baby don't you cry; I know you're lying; ooh I can see it in your eyes; though you keep on denying; did you really think that I would be the one; that waits by your door; my heart's back on the ro...

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10. Sons Of Liberty

Silence can't save skin and bone; face down the diamonds of crushed glass on stone; sound the warning, hear the marching feet; running out of the shadows, they're back on the streets; the endless slav...

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11. Spitting Blood

Treason rides again as a rumor rides from within; Running dogs of hate, sow seeds of disorder; Whispers on the street as the shadows stalk the city squares; Cold and pale like the sun on a winter morn...

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12. The Enemy

You sit upon a throne but built so high; You gaze at all of us with spite; You pass your sins for everyone to bear; With hearts so rueful and contrite; We call upon grace and might but all you do; Is ...

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13. The Messenger

Wipe the dust away, from a box of levity; stirs a memory, a lifetimes breadth away; too scarred to close my eyes, the past floods in like tears; one more wordless cry fills the empty night; no bleedin...

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14. The Revenant

I heard the sound of the closing door; Woke up to find no one was besides me; Morning had come and caught me unaware; The devil never gives signs of warning; Is tis the price I have to pay? For all th...

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