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1. Dream

We go to sleep and we dream; It's not the truth; It's not a movie scene; And when we wake; It's not real; It's still a dream; It's just a troubled dream; Wake the world up from it's dream; Check the f...

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2. Electricity

You ran to Russia; You ran to Rome; I got the message; I'm on my own; Why can't you see that you're making us backtrack? Now I try to act tough; But I got the sack; Worked out today, buff; Hey I'm sti...

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3. Gentlemens Gold

Inside your mind; Just a matter of time; Low behold gentlemens gold; You got me dreaming; You got me dreaming of you; (repeat until ends)

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4. On Fire

I'm on fire flying fast flying high; I should have stayed, you'd have left me; I gone too fast we're goin to crash; It's suicide if you let me. ; Its gotta hold up so what got a shot; come on and go; ...

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