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1. Autoblow

Instructions for; Destroying yourself; you've been loking for this; for a long time; it's so unknow; your destiny; expecting for this; to get it wrong; instructions for destroying yourself follow

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2. Escape

Escape from the crowd; Away from those who just want to; See with closed eyes; No reaction, standing by; Escape from this side; Escape from this line; Escape, don`t look back; Escape from the crowd; S...

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3. Ghost Of Mine

Here you are again; Like a spectrum; And i watch you come and go; You're just like a ghost; 'cause i see you everywhere; Why dont you take me with you ? You live nowhere; Come through the sky; I see y...

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4. Machines And Pilots

strange Discoveries; Over this path; The pilots and their machines; Running, always rush in to the end; Bruises that will never heal; over your skin; You're carring the scars of an old man waiting; yo...

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5. Modern Thoughts

oh my sweet love I can`t believe; you did that; you have lost the innocence; now it`s gone; seems it`s over; the dreams we had; and you just let it fade away; please don`t let me walk alone; cause I t...

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6. Ny Is Calling

Inside of my head; thoughts that I regret; I don't know where i've been I was drifting far away; Maybe i forgot who i used to be; i know, i know that's so weird; There's so many sounds here; They stun...

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7. See The Sky

See the sky and how it looks; See the sky and how it bleeds tonight; Keep looking; It helps to burn your eyes; Save this time; For you when you're coming down; Keep going; This is the end

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