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1. Cell-o-phone

Sweet sugar, sharp and silky – like a knife in the dark. Coo-chi-coo, could you come on put some ice on my heart? Take your cheap suit and shoes back to where they belong. This ain’t my first time aro...

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2. Chain Gang, Bang Bang

Everybody come along! We’re jumpin’ off a cliff! It’s only kinda fun – that’s why we brought the whip. Honey on your tongue, a little on your lips. Everybody sing a long, while we crack the whip. ; It...

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3. Comin’ Up Theventh

The jungle has it’s rules: Observe the leopard. She slides in out of view. But ya shoulda known better. ; “Won’t you come on back to the room?” Killers prey and they purr, too. “Won’t you come on back...

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4. Cuckoo!

Cuckoo! Your pride and joy is a pretty beast; The baddest apples fall from rotten trees; The little monster is a walking disease; You got only yourself to blame –; ‘cause all else failed! And you’re; ...

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5. Follow The Man

You got your little corner. And you got your favorite John. How long can this go on? What if you become a momma? Blood on my head or on my hands. What is there to understand? On your back or take a st...

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6. Haven’t Sinned In Years

All the old kings sold their crowns downtown. Left a child to guard their fortunes. While the Young Lions were on the prowl. He said, “the watch is asleep in the tower! The back door’s open wide. Ther...

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7. I Don’t Need Anything

Drop the keys and the ride at the foot of your door. With a little extra for good measure. A couple rotten kids, a trophy wife, and a big ol’ dog, and a brand new superstar TV. And some papers I’ve be...

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8. Some Folks

Don’t need a place, don’t need a name. Just need a purpose. I lost my place in line and think I’ll be just fine. There is no race - no one is chasing you. You’re running. Worry, hurry, worry! Now who’...

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9. Speed Killz

You can say what ya want, But it won't change a thing. I told ya before-; But you're still not listening. (Hushhh); Sit still - I'm driving. Speed kills - Don't fight it. You will. You might be comin'...

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10. Strange Town

Like a child, you always landed on your feet. Running wild, paid caution little mind. Playing in the middle of the streets, with all the time in the world. A world so wide, you could wander it for mil...

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11. When Daddy Gets Home Lyrics

We can draw lines in this little box; We can choose sides and talk big talk; You’re the soldier of fortune; I’m the master of all we see; You’re the empire builder; I’m the rascal returned as king; Bu...

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12. Yer Busy Little Beehive

Sleep tight... Tricky tickle in the middle of the night. Whatcha doin’? Foolish fish, I know you wanna take a bite. Come closer, a little closer. ; What’s that rattlin’ around, rattlin’ around... in y...

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