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1. Ecological Thyrant

Fire taking away the breath; Spitting (or splling) the colors of death; The seeds are melting, races collapsing; Explosions rumbling every second; We need ecological tyrant; To rule and regain; Leash ...

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2. Grand Tail

I see a grand Tail; Emerging inf Front of Me; Inviting for the play; For those which are aware

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3. Impaled Skull

Impaled Skull at the desolate desert; Damned for sins of fools; Obsolescence of the bones; Impaled skull dripping with blood; Bolt thrower began his duty; And deadly stench reigned; Grey hair fluttere...

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4. Jera

Desirereverse the greatness; Fear turn to the void; This land is rising to drift; Higher and higher; Where this struggle will led me; Don't turn away what's behind; Rotten not to eat

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