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1. A Fire Inside

It was dark it was cold the shadows I was left for long; Desperate to control unstable mind trying to get out; No one can live without a fire inside; I live because I have got a fire inside; I was wea...

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2. Darkness

I've had a dream about my life; I've had a wish to stay alive; I cannot sleep because of what; They've done to me again this time; Curse the sunlight; Damn the sunlight; Make all my sins so visible; S...

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3. Falling Down

Going down, down, down; Sinking deeper and deeper; Moving faster straight down; Like an angel with two broken wings; Falling down with your morality; Its really easy if you try to tell; Another hundre...

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4. Landscape

Numb view meens to expect; Face like wither lenf; The running of the river will break; That's alread the end of unguilt; New country, new wave; Trip without return; Never wait and everything will be; ...

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5. Love, Sex, Desire

I'm so stupid; I let you in my heart; I'm suffering, Your thorns are wounding me; I don't deserve don't deserve; Deserve none of this; Wild rose lies sex and blood; So beautiful, so violent, my love; ...

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6. Love?

A rejection an affection; Fighting minds all the time; Fuckin' habits eternal crisis; Wall between us that will never fall; And you realize; That your life sucks anyway; You dont have; The strenght le...

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7. My Beautiful Enemy

I sense you in the air; I fell you around me; I hear your voice calling me; I remember your loveliness; Desire in your eyes; Warm body in my arms; Your perverted soul is; Haunting me possesing me; I c...

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8. Nightly Friends

I thing I saw their faces; They stood behind the window; They stared deep at my dark room; The faces become clearer; I open and closed my mouth; Helpless I more my hands; But my voice in isn't mine; M...

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9. Pledge

You have become the one I hate; I have become the one who hates; So feared and despised; I commit murder one by one; My success is your death; I feed on the ones I left lifeless; I erase you right now...

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10. Rebel

Stand up together; Create, create the new world; We are the new breed; We will burn the old world down... Now! Hell on earth; Liars on fire; Feeding the fire; Rebel angels unite! Stand up and leave yo...

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11. Undesirable Return

Monotony in life; Act and greed; Separate illusion as memory; Born from hope in four walls; Deep and hidden into ghost; So easy all these things to destroy; The corner of time is a line; In the beginn...

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12. Unupdate Museum

[In Memory of Bruno Shultz]; The green eyes showed the tiredness; Although without name; Looking for a new form; Through the cloudy night; There was the brilliance; Mute expouding the wordless; As per...

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13. Wickedness Of The World

For destroy the appearance; For the new better time; Born from objects of the wickedness; We are looking for beauty inside; The rubbish bin from our feeling; It doesn't matter what we'll find; For des...

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