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1. Chasing Shadows

(1st verse); How can, you ever, explain. There are, no words, left to say. ; (2nd verse); Can´t be, happening, to you. Someday´s, arrived, far too soon. ; (Chorus); Leave the past, dead and gone, don´...

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2. Extended Horizon

(1st verse); Lost, no direction, Any hope, can´t be found. You, made me realize, What this life´s, all about. ; (Chorus); Right before you, horizon endlessly extends, Success assured, never knowing wh...

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3. Frozen

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re frozen. There’s no coming to life when your tears have run cold. There’s calm in the storm, disengage you’re emotions, flying higher than high…higher than high, hear...

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4. More Than A Fantasie

Standing here alone, i see it in my dreams; Never on my own, nothing’s as it seems….Come to me. Can you feel it, holding on so tight….so tight; Never knowing when it’s time to be……More than a fantasy....

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5. The Ways Of Love

How, long, must you wait; eternity; isn't so far away;; Out of thin air, appearing suddenly; making me whole, pieces now, complete. Love, so mysterious; cannot get enough; sense it in your touch. Love...

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6. Used To Be

(1st verse); Always find, some reason, why now is not, the best time. ; Hide behind, your secrets, say nothing´s wrong, in denial. ; (Chorus); It used to be, so, different, then, maybe love, maybe lov...

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7. What They Want

Why? They won´t give up ‘til they’ve taken over your lives;; you lose yourself there’s nothing left to find. Just one way you can hope to make it stop;; have to give them what they want. ; No second t...

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8. When Love Escapes The Mind

Falling apart, right at the seems, floating away in this reality; Flying so high , lost in all I see….future unknown is that my destiny; Running away, when there’s nothing to hide, Cold empty shadows ...

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