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1. Another Sky

See; The sky turns black as night; Clouds approachingt red as blood; Feel the dreams of suffering; Surrounding your soul; The empires are telling lies; Flames of blasphemy; Rape your soul bring it dow...

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2. Dying Sun

Night is fading down, the day awakes; Black armies in the sky; Warriors of apocalypse; Bring down the world to ashes; Clouds overcast the sky; Announce the gates of hell; Show me the flowers of evil; ...

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3. New Cosmic Order

Oldest relicts of worlds; Which have exist; Endless times ago; Forced by cosmic chaos; Tod die; Passed away; By time and space; Going down; And lay in ruins; Sway this world; Whole ages long; Bring to...

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4. Seelenkrieg

Aggression and pain; Wrath and sorrow; The burning flame; Of soulterror; Marvellous fear; From gaunt nightmare; The dark reality; Of soulwar; See the light; Fear the dark; Dreams of dead; Afraid of li...

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5. Silent Dimension

From wasted land I am; Far away from here; Do you see what I am; The essence of fear; I will guide you to; The silent dimension; I will show you; My silent dimension; Time - is running out; War - will...

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6. The Other Side

I find myself in madness; The revetment of needless trust; Grateful visions of frenzied pain; My saviour from inside; Came to destroy my life; No future for a while; Bring me to the other side; I feel...

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7. Tortured Children

A torrid hate; Raises a stench; A dreadful pain; In time and space; Deceitful life for everyone; Defeated souls in any time; Dispersed ashes in the sea; Tortured children - Birthmachine; Born - Tortur...

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