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1. Approach To Coincide

Earth, you'll go beyond, and pass the gates. Go, sink in the black, discover that here is no emptiness, no paradise, no heaven or hell, the galaxy seems width. Fall into the seas of black, cross the t...

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2. In Your Own Hell

The master stands, in front of the altar, his name is terror. Follow the beast, of blasphemy, he, who reigns below. Follow and die. In your own hell, ecstasy was mine so true, divine, in your own hell...

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3. Millionth Beast

I am a million beasts, the Antichrist, son of demons, bringer of lies. To sacrilege, to sacrifice, to let you taste a world divine. Call me forth by many names, I'll send locusts, spread the plague, c...

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4. My Commitment

I've seen the weak, the poor ones, their ways, I know too good, they've chosen and found the false one, they're no threat for my goal. In my heart, in my soul, in my blood, bounded now, my body is you...

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5. Tempter

Guiding demons, unholy blasphemy, below in the dark, enjoying sodomy, call him the tempter, victor of the weak, ruthless and black, the overlord supreme! Tempter, all the needs pleased. ; Tempter, tas...

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6. Towards The Unholy

And the roaring is the thought of fear, and this patience marks the only master. The claws, with grip on every hope. Sealing the fate in the hereafter. Towards, we fly, a victorious journey, allied in...

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7. Yog Sothoth

Taught by the one, the darkest mind, son of death's emperor, I believe in murder, hate and death, and I will arise for disorder, poisoned is my mind and soul, and never it will be purified, destiny, p...

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