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1. Ad Astra Per Aspera

(door opens, man sings); Which side are you on boy, which side are you on? (whisper); (walks up to the counter); On the rock, please; (sound of ice in the glass); I'm sick and tired, you know. the sam...

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2. Ayo Silver

But I prefer my horse and jeans; My boots are old and quite cheap; My hat's nest for spiders sleep; Oh I knock knock down who crosses my way; it's time to get drunk, here I come, it's; saloon's day; M...

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3. Back Home

Buried under bottles and toasts; Worried about my journey home; I was stuck in some quicksand; Was a little trap; Away from my old land; Earlier, I had some hope; I had an easy plan; My boys were migh...

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4. Beyond Man

I walk through the fire, through the night, like; A diamond waiting for stoning; The mercy of those who wanna roar; There are trees. More than memories, we are; Wolves in branches; We're just a pack o...

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5. Brothers

Oh little brother; Are you crashing down? No metter if those roots are tough, we? ll tear them all; I'll be your legs running down the hills; Now or never; Your smile will be the blast of our grace; S...

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6. Dry Wood

There was a cold before a time; A place so numb; Some never had shoes for their feet? s sake; The life was dry and so denied; No words left; Some never had shoes to warm their way; Forget the trace am...

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7. Greenish Ends

We're not within those types that follow the; Can you feel this breeze when you throw it; Beyond the land there was a tragic pain in; Where soul goes free; And chords flow well lead away; It doesn't l...

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8. Life Goes Around

It comes and goes like the fastest spin of engine; And I was young when this life became frustrating; I have a tight deadline; I cannot wait for this moment; I cannot stop thinking about; I won't be t...

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9. So, Where do The Certainties Go To

Is there a good life? Is life tasteful? We are nomads by fate; We had a life rule; We had a safe roof; Slow, we walk; We could pretend we were free; Long for something we can do; The indians pay with ...

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10. Terry Came Back

Terry came back from the land where he was born; He crossed some rivers, he rode from mountains to shore; Oh I remember the day when he picked his way; And he told me so many things; He felt like no f...

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11. Unspoken One

Once, he was spoken by another one; Palm on white handed through the door; Hand in water willing to displace; Another place into the highest unspoken room; Lost trace, aside the mother tongue; Head in...

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