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1. Colluded

They call me lethal madness; As sowers in a sea of lies; Controlling their minds like puppets; Monopoly crowned at the same level; All denigrated! Thus I forbidden betrayers; Never turn off my command...

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2. Dreaming Awake

Delusion thoughts of reality; A whole world of make believe; The spirits walks inside his head; He brings them back to life; Uncovering truth piece by piece; Digging the corner of his mind; Suddenly g...

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3. Escape

Self-destructive sickly thoughts; Of a estranged broken mind; Letting the illusions take control; Believing their own lies; Using excuses to hide; The lack of strength within; Enjoying the silence; Of...

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4. Fall Of The Tyrants

Lies told to control the minds of the weak; By fear they tell you to believe; They ease your suffering; Greed corrupted they seek for more; To satisfy their endless; Hunger for power they will kill us...

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