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1. Beyond The Acheron

One evening you came to me; Your face was covered with the death mask; So much I wanted to tell to you; But the words died on my lips; You went and I tought; I'll never see you again; And a thunder-cl...

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2. Called At My Grave

You brought some flowers on my grave; My tears as dewdrops shone on them; Their blooms were red as raging flames; Or was my blood it only; You brought your mind on my grave; From it soaked poison into...

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3. Devil Empire

I've got my penalty for masters; I'm not the master of my life; I may be slayed dipped in disaster; Or die thought bullet of a rifle; All that is fear will stay unnoticed; In daily triviality and rush...

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4. Messenger Of Fallen Angel

I need your life I need your soul; I rise from graves through darkness and death; I'm the messenger of Fallen Angel; Servant of hell who has come for you; You don't feel don't hear don't see; You neve...

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5. Satan Force

Where is no way; Mental disease; Stronger than reason; Who believe in satan; Die in reign of church; Die in reign of evil; Being caught in trap; Everlasting purgatory; It is for you; Instants and eter...

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6. The Bells Of Burial

As a call of eternity; Or a voice of silence; Again I hear; The bells of burial; Vanished to the darkness of a tomb; Death laws where get their start; Ways without the end; Twine in round dance of liv...

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7. This Is My Way

Slowly I went by the path; Grown wild in grass; Amid the leafless trees; And fallen leaves; Between the trees seemed crosses; And deserted gravemounds; No where was a living soul; I went alone by my w...

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