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1. Barbaric Northlord

Barbaric Northlord; Searching the battlefield for signs of life; Delivering pure hatred with my knife; Kill and slaughter 'til there's nothing left; With Satan's blackest fire I am blessed; Azu and Az...

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2. Raped By Demonic Wolflust

Raped by Demonic Wolflust; War night, the perfect night; Infernal screams carried by winds of death rites; We fucking fight and carry; Our enemies to their unholy end; Black warrior of damnation; Embo...

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3. Sorcerous Winds

Sorcerous Winds; Nergal, hunter-god who prowls by night; Darkest form of Shamash, command the 7 Sebitti; War God of Hell descend from the night sky; To aid me in venomous sorcery; Terrible emperor of ...

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