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1. Army Of Goblins

ARMY OF GOBLINS; Goblins fight! For endless night! Swords pierce the armor, extinguishing light! All will die! Scream at the sky! Bleeding on the battlefield, carcasses lie! Running defeated, they nev...

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2. Goblins Ahoy

Sailing relaxed, endless blue; Nowhere to go, nothing to do; Running low on pirate brew; Frightening shortage of wenches to screw; A cryptic shadow on the horizon; Set camp and explore, lest they shou...

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3. In The Hall Of The Goblin King

Shadows fall across the kingdom, Goblins circle round the castle. Unsuspecting human victims; Soon to die in bloody battle. ; The goblin king in gleaming armor, Stands above the rows of warriors. They...

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4. No One survives

Two billion more will die tonight! Imagine stacks of burning flesh; Whole city blocks now house; The ashes of mankind; Sounds of inhuman laughter; Spreading forth across the earth; Look on, there's no...

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5. Powercore

Get out! Your repugnancy deeply sickens me; You are a failure and I want you to die! Your dumb look implies that you do not know why; So let me break it down; You are stifling the power, rotten to the...

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6. They Came From Space

A Goblin planet, light years away. Mankind shudders at the thought of the day:; When they came to earth, seeking food! Seeking a new home for their vile brood! Planet of fleshy resources untapped. The...

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