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1. Bloody Mary

Screaming humans, "stabbing"; We enter the home; A man pale as death shows shaked on a door; I open the door; - B L O O D -; All furnitures destroyed; A woman at ground, more stabs as tiles on the wal...

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2. Dream

Cold air, pale skin; Do you smell the sweet scent of the blood; Memory, bloody desire; Nightly vaginalism overcame me; Blurred pictures clears up; Your cries, no response; Your touch, her warm blood o...

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3. Last Chapter

Your last day, depressive and suicide; Your life like a book, the last chapter; The coffin; "it`s my will you`re never awake"; Your minds are sick, your heart is cold; In your brain, emptiness; No sol...

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4. Nekrofilet

Stenched, rotten Carcass; The guts are coming out; The skin is pale, the eyes are dead; The bloody memory and the pain of death; All that makes me horny! I wanna fuck that corpse; I wanna eat that cor...

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5. Sacrifice or Slavery

Is this real or is this death? Is this world or is this hell? Why don't they see, are they blind? Why do they believe in the light of lies? Do they fear the truth? Or won't they know? Sacrifice or sla...

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