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1. Drowned In Nothingness (dissolution)

Your empty wisdom of life - let you bleeding inside; All your faithful hopes - are signs of weakness; All your aims and meanings - just broken creations; Your pale enlightenment - is a darkening void;...

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2. Edicius

Let life frustrate the soul; Inner- self is losing sanity; Release your greatest thoughts; It's all an ending stream of mental unity; From depression to despair; Invent your ways to fall deep; Endless...

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3. Lessons Of Life

In the loneliness of youth; There were these doors in my mind; So black and so closed; I longed for setting free what was deep inside; But my fear closed these doors; And the pains were too cold; Duri...

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4. Neithan

Neithan; In my body is no blood; Crucified inspiration; This voice of death; Squeals through my mind; All emotions are dying - one for one day; -neithan-; My suicide in every way; This last resort for...

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5. Neithan Ii

Black metal is the open wound; That bleeds inside my principles; Cruel inspirations from suicide; Voices crawling in my thoughts; Controlling my complete mentality; Liberating my inborn roots of self-...

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6. Ruin The Self

Drown the self in dark seeking; For a truth as cold as deep; Searching for facts of reality; But all cognitions - pure illusions; The concept of self - just a disease of mind; The soul is construction...

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7. Suicidal Liberation

Lost is my last will; Released are all feelings; Lost is my last grief; Dead are all beliefs; Nothing's left in heart and mind; Emotions killed my dying soul; Now I am so utterly free; Suicidal libera...

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8. World Of Suicide

Impressions of self- mutilation; So intense and real; All these scars for one illusion; But life got no meaning; Dreams are dead; Suffered for nothing; Suffer from nothing but life; Nihilistic thought...

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