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1. Echoing Pixels

I?m so overwhelmed that I; Wish I would die; Wish I could right now; Intense happiness presses; My heart against the sink; Oh where?s my head; Oh now you think you?re special; It?s hard to take it som...

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2. Hot Girl

You touched me, touched my skin; You kissed me, kissed my thing; You taught me everything; You and me; I got to say baby; You multiplied; The possibilities; You modified; Hot girl; So sweet and sour; ...

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3. Peter And The Wolves

Wear your hat like a renegade; Hold your pride like the sharpest razorblade; Beg for love; But you never give your heart fully away; Hustling around's a way to get attention; Prostitution's good to ac...

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4. The Hourglass

Don't ask me where I've been; It's harder than it seems; Not hanging my head down; My helmet on and it's a gas; I'll fight the goddamn hourglass; The leaves might turn to brown; I'll fight the goddamn...

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