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1. Bigger

Hi, uh, I'm Neil; I wouldn't be here if someone else; Hadn't passed on hosting; So special thanks to Shia Labeouf for this opportunity; I can break your heart with a work of art; And a song that's qui...

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2. Brand New Day

This appeared as a moral dilemma; Cause at first it was weird though I swore to eliminate; The worst of the plague that devoured humanity; It’s true I was vague on the ‘How’; so how can it be that you...

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3. Everything You Ever

Here lies everything; The world I wanted at my feet; My victory’s complete; So hail to the king; (Everything you ever); Arise and see; So your world’s benign; So you think justice has a voice and we a...

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4. My Freeze Ray

Laundry day; See you there; Under Things; Tumbling; Wanna Say; Love your Hair; here I go; mumbling; With my freezeray; I will stop; the world; With my freezeray; I will find the time to; find the word...

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5. Slipping

Look at these People; Amazing how sheeple; Show up for the slaughter; No one condemning; You lined up like lemmings; You lead to the water; Why can’t they see what I see Why can’t they hear the lies; ...

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