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1. Bay Arena

Welcome down to the arena, Also known as suicide city. Cruise with us along the south bay, Low riders will guide the way. ; Power crunch! Distorted a bunch. Inviting you, To a super heavy punch! Abush...

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2. Fightback

Now it's time to turn back; Retreat from attack; You kept the stack; But I will be back; I walked, crawled, fought; Stalked, failed; I turned to rage, burned; Faithful 'till the end; There's no way th...

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3. Places Of Dawn

Invincible beast; Stroke from the east; Expected the least; It's bloody fists; Spread in the mist; An undertow twist; Struck of the damned; A deception demand; Our pride they offend; Our life condemne...

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4. Threshold Of Society

There is no control in sight, you will lose your fight. Ignorance spreads like disease, your ideals are fake. Your school teaches hypocrisy, in this lunacy, How will this end no one knows, into the pi...

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5. Thrust

Live young, die free; Taste fire, that's me; Life is short, no guarantee; Make it wild, let it be; Don't hesitate - try it all; Come closer, pick the ball; Be strong - never fall; Listen to you inner ...

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6. War Machine

Black suits can't cover lies; Fall in line don't question why; They deliver doubtful charm; Promises that shouldn't harm; On and on they count their death; There's a dead end straight ahead; War of gr...

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