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1. Bored

Here the sun; Shines no more; Hides every day behind a huge gray wall; Raindrops fills me with rage; This damn sky never seems to change; Nothing is the same no more; Be careful step away don't fall; ...

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2. Code

Crawling chaos; Unger prevails; No one escapes; Dismembered brains; Deadly actions; Barbaric instincts; Humans feeding; No prostration; Remaining dark; Your life is addicted; Selfish manners; Your sou...

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3. Dead Wrong

The lies of my intentions; Of what is wrong or right; Be torn by fallen angels; There is something to fight; Touch me you are down; Feel me I am all around; Touch me who is down? Feel me breaking you ...

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4. Quantum

Reached out my memories; And found my nonsense; They could take my breath away; I couldn't even; Understand my promises; I crossed to the outer side; I dumped my hypocritical; Way of seeing things; I ...

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5. Son Of Shotgun

My real enemy; My fear down within; Lost as my pride; Thoughts I should hear; My light is near; Lost in my fight; My days will end; Nobody's friend; The one to be afraid of; Breathe in to dawn; I'm so...

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