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1. Creatures Of The Night

When the light fades away; And our candle burns out; When the wolves begin to howl; And our flesh becomes weak; The creatures of the night; Gather and unit; Fire shines out of their eyes; It is time t...

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2. Filled With Flames

Captured by dark feelings; When hatred fills me up; Burning from inside; When darkness conquers the light; Feelings I cannot describe; When hatred takes over my life; Emotions of pure evil; As black a...

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3. Satanic Victory

Before the birth of chrisitianity; When the sword ruled the land; Pride and honour; The spirit of ancient times; Christianity came and took it all; Years of oppression went by; For all that has been d...

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4. Visions From Behind The Light

Between the remains of a sadistic ritual; The dead tries to get rid of me; In a moment of total confusion; A mystic strength takes my soul away; Visions about heaven, but it looks like slaughter; A te...

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