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1. Bioconstructor

I will create new world; By My wish; For restoring the flash; I've enough; Revitalizing the creatures; The ones are his; Imaginations with corpses; I realize; Reviving my creatures; I'll pack this wor...

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2. Breathe With Hatred

Spread the hatred - recipe for living; Smell the hatred - it is filling the air; Try to live without this feeling; I promised you - it drives you insane; Fuck with hatred - fuck 'till you're bleeding;...

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3. Death Observer

I'm the death observer - I know you're too. Don't feel shy to be frankly. We need to be cruel -; We are looking for blood with a cynical grin; We need this adrenaline we know what it means. It's a way...

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4. Nothing Remains

Nothing remains; There is no God; No another life; It's a cold fact; Nothing remains; Everything dies; Hopeless truth; Makes you wonder why; Grave eats your flesh; Heavens swallow your soul; Fear of e...

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5. Pain After Death

Pain is a line that separates; All your passions from all that I hate; Electric impulse heats up your vein; I give you salvation in torments & pain! Pain after death - like a blessing; Pain after deat...

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6. Philosophy Of Pain

Look in the mirror & turn into me; You make me alive & I make you bleed; Neither for money nor for a god; Hey, you know it's all about blood! All you want to know is the meaning of life; A right time ...

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7. Suggestion

Do You know the pain? Do You feel the hate? Welcome my friend; To the world we made; Full of misanthropy; And distaste; Do You have any questions? Welcome to the quest! It's neither a protest; Nor a c...

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8. Voice Within

Are you driven by pain? It's a never-ending game. Are you begging to disorder waiting for a slaughter; I am the only key to all your desires & dreams. I will satisfy your lust & explain what it means....

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