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1. Coma

"Is there an end to the coma? As we endure transformation. As we enter the beginning"; No more pain, no more feeling; Let it endure forever; Those whose end cannot be

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2. Melt (the Catching Of The Butterfly)

As she crawls from my hands; Her eyes I think they've found me; Matter; Blood; Her features cease to be traced; Oh forgive me; Now have your place with god; Innocence can be hell; Of the perfumed and ...

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3. Pazuzu (black Rain)

"This generation shall not pass. This is the last man."; This generation shall not pass; Till all these things take place; Uncrowned; Earthbound; Man made man - god; Black is the rain; Under blackened...

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4. Penetration

"Seeing things in my whole life, images exploding. You have been chosen."; "We are free."; Endemion - magical son; Nothing here is real; Lasts forever; Shining like gods; New body, new blood; The fire...

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5. Shine

"We'll always be together. Forever"; "Sweet dreams."; Mirror, Mirror; This is the place; Where love is broken down; I'm barely free; As I want you now; Misery - seems so cold out; Misery - am I dead n...

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6. Still Life

Rise, rise, rise, rise...... ; "We shall crush you down to the point, where there is no coming back, things will happen to you from which you could not recover if you lived a thousand years, a thousan...

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7. Venus

"Forgive me as I have become the trail of mutilation towards destruction, evil for all. We the arbitrary souls of our own temple -- need nobody as we reach out and hold your breath of life."; Who has ...

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8. Xodus

Exit rites, new altered states; In the arena of light; We welcome your fate; Let the dead carry the dead; Pyre for the flames; Embers of life in the wilderness remain; Xodus - I feel reborn; Xodus - r...

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9. Zoon I & II (saturation)

I've been waiting for you; You're lonely; I've been watching you control me; I'm here with you, you know; No need to hide; Lay your head in mine; Just close your eyes; Welcome; So you came; You're her...

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10. Zoon III (wake World)

As we begin the end; Let us close the womb this time; My friend; We live together, forever; Every breath that you will take; I'll breathe; Perfect vision; What's your pleasure; And we're here again; W...

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