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1. Coloured Light

I know you're out there; I can feel you now; I know the truth(that you're afraid); you're afraid of us; you're afraid of change; When it's good; Coloured light(4x); When it's good; Dark, outside; Atte...

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2. Dirty Buddy

Dirty, sleazy, muddy; Im your rock n roll buddy; My bunnys deadly lucky; Licking acid from my body

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3. Disco Decay

I'm the great big rock boy; Feel my bass you will obey; Open up and lose yourself; Disco beats they will decay

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4. Dittany

And it's cool in english [?]; I go to the cobert; take out the brown paper back of dittany; you gave me enough ness; Finally driving to your place in the hills, in Melicia; I told you I wanted to seat...

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5. Excuses

Someone told you in to coming here today, didn't they? And you're not sure about what to say exactly, You say no to life n' therefore you're not living it. You make up excuses to people around you and...

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6. Get Awake

"You ever get the feeling that you have to get away from it all? When the life you have just isn't enough; I mean, you go to college, you get a job; And one day you wake up and you realize:; It'll be ...

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7. Taxi Driver

Neelix - taxi drive; It was about 6:15 in the morning. I'm drunk and I'm high and I'm in chicago, And I walked to the corner to hail a cab. After five empty cabs just passed me by, one finally stopped...

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8. You're Under Control

Ladies and gentlemen; We've created the perfect world for you; Passion, is just dust in your eyes; This is what you have to do, you have to say; You're under control; Passion; Education; Science; (aft...

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