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1. Alive

Flashes of doubt they grow into a rage; Locked out the truth, they keep your dreams at bay; Don't stand there waitin' for the time to come; Come on, come on, catch me, we got miles to run; We are aliv...

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2. Banks

I wanna be there when the voices in your head; Are loud enough to make you lose your mind; Just the same when you're dominating the day; I wanna be the one who's by your side; You know my love is not ...

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3. Bottom of a Heartbreak

Gonna tear it down; All my childhood gates; Gonna wake up to a brand new day; I don't need another love to make me feel okay; I just need a lot of time and a little space; Now I'm shaking in my bones;...

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4. Child Again

Yeah, I know too much; I think I know my way around; Startin' to feel my heart break now; Too old let my safeguards down; Where'd the wonder go? Trading magic for a measured hope; Traded dreaming for ...

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5. Haley

Haley; If you don't know just how you feel, Don't say hose sweet things; That you know I'd wanna hear; If you don't know just what to think, Then put your thoughts away; And keep them out of reach; Ha...

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6. Hang On

First touch of summer, she's got your t-shirt on; Sun's going down, school's out, stars are coming on; You can rewind it, but you can't ever feel like you do tonight; Make a movie in your mind, but do...

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7. Mercy's Shore

My arms are tired and weary; These wounds are on full display; I've tried every door in the hallway; There's just no where that I feel safe; I see the light but never find the surface; I don't know if...

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8. More Time

I promised you the world again; Everything within my hands; All the riches one could dream; They will come from me; I hoped that you could understand; That this is not what I had planned; Please don't...

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9. Out of Body

Take me out of my body; Take me out of my mind; I wanna know how you made me; Give me your mystical eye; I wanna see my world in a new light; I wanna drift through the fields where the moonlight's bri...

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10. Riding High

Bad decisions, they don't feel bad at the time; Consequences, they don't always fit the crime; We might die trying, babe, we're gonna go out riding high; Going down a little wild and reckless; Know I'...

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11. Seasons

We can't decide if we are fallen; Because every single call is a chance; To realize we're dependent; On the fate of our circumstance; We've been living minute to minute; We've been holding on to every...

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12. Shine On

Somewhere between the end; And the point where we begin; There's a fire burning brightly; That's found it's way to dim; When the feeling's gone... ; Shine on Shine on; And onto something new its long ...

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13. Survival (Ft. Drew & Ellie Holcomb)

Got the devil on my throat; Got blood on my hands; The ones that I love are in danger; I'm a fallen man; But I found me a river; And it washes me clean; I know that I'm drownin' for tryin'; But I'll n...

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14. Who Am I

Woo-oo-oo; Woo-oo-oo; White lights and desperation; Hard times and conversations; No one (No one) should ever love me like You do; Sometimes my bad decisions; Define my false suspicions; No one should...

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15. You Are Here

I could give just one more chance; If I thought that there would be romance; Seas of everlasting grace; Fall down upon this sinner’s face tonight; Chorus:; I see clearer all I wanted all I wanted; The...

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