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1. Blundering Blood

I'm unfit to take you with; Rest here, be dear; You'll be missed, yes I insist, til I return; Suffering arms won't bother me; Blundering blood, just let me sleep; Morning hold my lids down tight; Til ...

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2. Good Grief

See these arms here by my side; Where you should be but they cannot hide; So they'll swing i think all the night; These limbs are weak try as they might; Somehow they werent built right; But they coul...

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3. Our Little Selves

Save a piece of yours sometime; We'll get on like a house on fire; We can sing til our ears are full; Lie in reverie then sing some more; Sound the bell, our little selves are enough; I fear we'll be ...

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4. Republic Of Two

Have you noticed I’m not myself lately. Do you realize what you’re doing to me. My eyes have no defenses. Don’t Wipe away my tears. I know they like me best, I’ve been doing this for years. Will you r...

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5. Tell Me A Story

My little dog, she licked my salty hands. Cried for the day before the sun began. My neighborhood became our own domain. Oh how I’d run when she called my name; Tell me a story that lasts for hours; I...

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6. The Natural Night

Remember the sky all the planes with their lights; They tried to outshine the natural night; The static was so so bright, we couldn’t believe our sight. I was scared for you and I don’t know why; Can ...

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