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1. Beyond The Possession

Voices of scorn is calling me; Violent in to death; Weakened ones put to rest; Creators of blood seek their next; Rotten life seeks its lair; Common sense torn apart; Deranged got a will to die; Damne...

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2. Carnal Bleeders

Aeons ago the masses bled; Pushed to the edge possessed by death; Lurking hysteria increases the pest; Depraved haters slaughter the day; Poisened wounds wrecked their minds; Severed spines horrid eye...

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3. Rigormortic Mind

Born in a shadow from a cross; A salvation for the feeble and blind; Spineless actions reaching for souls; Cursed existence for empty goals; Screeming bleeding crawling crying; Waiting for this boil t...

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