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1. Burning In Ignorance

Rise your hand, open up your eyes; Look out everything around you; Be your own slave; They say that the danger is beside inside and everywhere; The hot hate in your veins suffocates you in theis priso...

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2. Butcher(bloody Obsession)

When deep sleep falls on the minds; A new reality is created; Late at night; The lust; The bloody obsession arise from the psuchotic mind! The slaughter is made with blood; Human flesh is ripped and s...

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3. Creation

A new creation is created with the synthetic sperm; Artificial insemination, the process is realized; Normal progress; Until periods this fetus begin to increase, irregular increase; So, your mother w...

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4. Elemental

Speak to me where is the life; Forever distant from my eyes; I hear voices from the subconcious; This existence help me to escape; In a dream; I walk in the woods; The souls yearn for an answer there;...

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5. Handcuffs

Imprisioned with handcuffs; He bleeds withut destiny; Worms wat his corps; In the sacred tomb; Without escape; Without destiny; Awating eternal life; Awating his dreams; With devotion; By the crimes; ...

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6. Human Execution

Thousand years, thousand forms; All pain retrained for years; All grief confined; By a servant of the host; They reign on the flesh; Waiting to bless their blood; Searching lives from the grace; Forev...

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7. Laceration Of Emotions

Melancholic life of disease wish; Finishing with the anatomy; Violating organ pipe; Senseless deformed; VEins and all system arterial transporting infected blood; Plasma membranous suffocating; Dissec...

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8. Morgue

Late at night; He saw lights on in the morgue; And went until there; In his mind screams arose; But the reality was seen for him; The putrefaction; The putrid odour invading all; The, his feeling beco...

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9. Rotten Scars

The hurts prepare for pain, the visions die; I don't wish to leave, no mercy; A flood of blood bonding my soul with my mind; In this bonding i'm trascending... My last farewell to mankind; It's time f...

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10. Tears, Anguish And Pain

How many times have I explained? To you the true meaning of existence? Do you get solve the reason of the deep hurts and scars left for ages? Your act and material fulfillment; Were seen so concentrat...

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