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1. Beyond The Screen

welcome to the masquerade; we hope to win this fight; no matter what it takes; beauty, and empy bloodless souls; corrupted to the bone; keep everyone informed; laughter, happy-faced rows; contest and ...

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2. Enslaved To The Machine

drowned in the sea of ink; blinded by the bright screen; deaf from airwave thunders; networked chaos within; brain-washed bit by bit; corrupted in our inner being; moulded as soulless clay; turned int...

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3. Fall In The Last Summer

Acid rain spread the pain; Where are our gods? We demand our death; There is no tale of death; Smoke provokes the endless night; We're paying for the human sins; Burned, blinded, creepin' unerground; ...

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4. Invasion

invasion; the alien crusade eventually arrives; spreading fear all over our lands; looting and raping , raiding , molesting our tribes; defenseless , hopeless, forsaken we barely fight back; their buy...

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5. Killing Engine

fade out of memories untold; reloaded with killer instinct thoughts; prepared for bloodshed highly trained; i've got the state of mind; no doubt no fear haunts my mind; regrets are locked out in the p...

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6. Omega Man

omega man; lonely waiting for his turn , it's time to die; be like anyone else , out of light and life; recluse in the daytime , bold soldier by night; fights for surviving the fright; no where to go ...

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7. Stateman Days

the busy stateman days; got to watch your way; the electric eye is after you; the intrusive lens is coming through; you'd better hide your face; not the one we thought before; your morphing figure is ...

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