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1. Destroy

Killing is the mission; Don´t care if you live; No more supersticion; Gun is all you breath; The big battle´s coming; Now, prepare yourself; Fucking bullshit suckers; Lives lost in hell; Don´t have an...

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2. Evil Dead

Trapped inside a life which is not yours; Spirits within causing terror, fear and darkness; Evil! dead; Evil! dead; Voice speaks out, all will die tonight; Insanity fills your mind, you hear them call...

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3. Infernal Sentence

Hell is awaiting for your corpse you have to pay your fucking sins; Immortal zombies show you the way how to arrive to this place; You will fight with a demon that will starve you till your end; There...

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4. Shadows In The Darkness

You think that they are false; Cause you can not sea them; They are everywhere; Trying to escape from darkness. ; They are prisoners of the night; And their end is near; The world is a eternal dungeon...

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5. The Price

Fall to your knees, now you follow; I set the trap, and you sorrow; You don´t know what I´ve felt; Betrayer of my fate, trapped in myself; Seems the only way, I will help you die; Death greets you, I ...

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6. The TV Messiah

Let me introduce myself; Although I think you known me; Cause I’m in TV everyday; Entertaining your family; I show my evil circus; And blow up my ass with money; Just to convince you; That misery is f...

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7. The Witchcraft

Manipulations of weak minds; Is what I get now with my witchcraft; I gave you an order and you have to obey; Because now I am the master of the dark ages; You are under possession of my manipulations;...

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8. Travel To a Dark Dimension

You escape of reality; Trapped in a endless dreams; Your body disappear on the air; And enters into gates of darkness. ; Your soul is the price of this eternal trip; Which you can't escape; Only the e...

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