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1. Enter The Necropolis

With the dead asleep in my home... Innocence, Death the toll, Intruders come never return... All dead, Asleep in my home; Enter the necropolis; From afar, I heard you breath, Increase the beat... Intr...

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2. Midnight At The Morgue

See my visions of pounding the dead, They think i'm sick rush to the head... Sight of corpses under me, Rancid rancor, ecstasy... She knew she'd never be alone, She would always say, "I'd love you if ...

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3. Orgy Of Corpses

Thought they killed me, But I'm back again, Profane thoughts condemn me to kill,kill, Kill again, Face to face wiht a man you killed before, Assassinate, Brutally torture, Bring forth your deminse, YO...

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