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1. Awaiting The Long Sleep

Nothing... ; Through the void and still... nothing; Despair has dined at me once again; Leaving me rotting from the inside; But peace won't come although painfully awaited; I'm destined to endure, the...

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2. Firebreeze

Entering the infernal; Breathing the fire; Obeying with pride; They are to shake the earth; Stronger than the most; Demonic of them all; Look inside me my demonhost; Risen from Gehenna; Uncowardly one...

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3. Heavens Of Hate, Fields Of Fire

Red is the colour of victory's rain; It stains all over the wall; The Temptating flow brings them further down; To what we are and what once they were; Gloomy and sinister, we await on the shore! Bloo...

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4. Lost Equilibrium

Cum with me great mare; Dressed in venus cloak; Spasmic force, fallos declined; Power my inner flame! Elixer to be divine! The sign on its head; Fevered in line; It is outlined by blood; The sleeping ...

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5. Peccata Mundi

Reckless; The truth of mortal sin; Damnation lurk in every soul... ...accused for something ever excisting; In dreams long lost forgotten; Mind destruction, cattle bleeding! Breeze of eternal destruct...

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6. Suicide Caravan

Red and black, coloured sky; See the night shine; Feel the cold breeze; Souls so alone in the light; Carving their flesh; New found triggers being pulled; Ending lives not worth living; To find what i...

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7. The Find Of Alone

Called of the search; Need not know; Which way go; One left; A one of me; One more than there will ever be; The search of one takes me within; As predestined no diversion; The further I go... The near...

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8. Voluptous Womb

A shimmer before my eyes; A revelation of immense size; Floating around me, inside me; Pulsating my sense; Whispering desirable in powerful voice; "i desire and long for unity"; Fertile meaning with p...

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