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1. A Nasty Fall

Tempted thoughts; Temptation is big; Hard is to resist; Hammers banging in your head; Those from the other side; Have already possessed you; Pleasure temptation yeah! I want one more stone; The first ...

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2. Action / Reaction

Rare to love, frequent hate; Killing more than we can take; We learn how to survive; But we won’t be all alive; Feel the fire go cold; Action/Reaction; See the new turn to old; Action; Spending more a...

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3. And The History Unfolding

They traced a route to India; And they've got lost; They followed the stars; And arrived to this promise land; Gold route, hunter's way; Extintion risk; Damned land from coast to coast; Ways that come...

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4. Catastrophe

The terror comes from the sky; A trail of death, doom and destruction; Nature against the bastard son; There’s no hope to survive; I don’t know if I got strength to carry on; Storms and floods; Meltin...

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5. Check Mate

Raise the chase; There are reasons to fear the worst; Rack of nation; Wage war until obliteration; Old conflicts; Scars of war; Still hurt like an open sore; Bloody confront; Pride and shame; Check Ma...

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6. Cold Wish

Torture them, my supreme law; Kill them, satisfying my wish; I'm aware of my insanity; I don't care, I don't want to stop; Blood spouts out from my hands; My thirst get worse all the time; I don't thi...

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7. Farsa

Políticos mantendo-se imunes no poder; Com suas próprias regras agem acima da lei; Trazendo sofrimento, dor e desigualdade; Deuses, nas sombras da impunidade; Farsa - It’s really hard to believe; Stop...

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8. Greed Up To Kill

Absolution no way! Prolong the war of mistakes; Institution to steal; The weakness of mankind; They want to crush us down; The higher you are; The harder you’ll fall; Absolution no way! Prolong the wa...

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9. Memories Of An Accident

The radiotherapy; machine was violated; In a screap iron created a challenge; to nuclear medicine; In all this amount of doubts; Of lethal results; Is impossible to portray; The mentality who rules to...

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10. No Way Out

Ruled in the silence; The dark night; Beats inside of me; A pale flash of light; This is the light that confort; My bitter suffering; I shed a tear upon my chest; Just for feeling the prejudice; The f...

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11. Scavenger

You’re turning your back to me now; You don’t give a shit; My life fell in disgrace; And you’re laughing at my face; Now I’m begging on the streets; Starving and nowhere to go; Excluded and rejected; ...

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12. The Blooding/post War

The dirty of a ferocious dispute; Has stain the ground of our land; What lessons? What prizes? We earned the experience how to fight; And we have killed; Our lessons; Our prizes; Let them create; The ...

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13. The Riddle

Paranoia possessing my thoughts; Try to piece together the jig-saw of mind; An empty road without return; Condemned to vegetate; Mental disorder, schizoid fate; Soul sickness, insanity; The riddle of ...

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14. The Selfish

Here I am; Just like in the old times; Gotta play it right; Or I'll lose my mind; I had the control; Yeah, I thought I had; Sometimes I feel so weak; When facing death; I had that big feeling thought;...

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15. Virus

There are people changing the world; Modifying cells to create a deadly weapon; A new kind of disease is rising; To put in danger the human survival; The evil spreads fast without control; Just breath...

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