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1. Appear Before The Death

Indifferent, how receive death; Fit to orgasmic convulsion; Spit blood on the desirable flesh; Or rave into oblivion; Leave into the darkness; Choke with stream of gore; In cavity of mouth feel touch ...

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2. Burial Of The Soul

Your reason deformed by the lie; Decayed your soul; Simplified mind; Exhaust reflected in your eyes; Turn sour the blood; World of sodomic refuse; Steeped ground in the blood; Mass sommited cunfusion;...

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3. External Reality

One butcher worked at the mincing works; He put meat and bones through the mincer; He dismember corpses and carcasses some more; The whole year round to abstinence; The moon rose above the mountain to...

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4. Inner Uterine Soulful Cannibalism

The horror passes through your eyes; You paralyzed with fear; Pain feelings sear; Depression lingers; Live within all tears; Now as hope and dream dies; You'll scream at your demise... ; Precocious so...

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5. Intro

...The evil spirit. Coming to the human soul... ...Comes as a wolf; Comes to a lamb, With thirst of blood, Ready to devour him, Its presence is extremely cruel, The sense of it is unbearable; And the ...

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6. Necrocannibal

Decomposition given rise to death; Putrefaction 'tis my deadly bread; Body of corpse throw into the shock; Putrid flesh demand gastric juice; Cavities of body; Full of warm puss; Inflated my veins; Wo...

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7. Revel In Flesh (timeless Go Away)

Lifeless body become cold; Locked inside the abandoned tomb; Time before the sunk in thought; With god's help... Timeless go away; Into the dreams; The land vocal with the sound of birds; The utmost e...

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8. Somnambuliformic Possession

...Fear in the mind, you my slave; Into you - evil strength... Deadly venom transformate; Blood and flesh to pus and stench; Satisfy thirst by flesh; Satisfy by blood; Sands are running out; Hell come...

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